SPECIAL EPISODE: Maddening Beers

Here’s a previously unreleased episode of an interview I recorded awhile back. It’s a chat with Kennhyn Ang, one of the beer evangelist in Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia. Despite our strict brewing laws (Malaysia has only 3 licensed brewers) he’s managed to make some truly local beers. We talk about the Malaysian beer scene, his beer story, and his crazy cocktail of beers. (Laksa beer, anyone?)

The episode didn’t make it on air on BFM, mainly due to the strict alcohol sensitivity and laws we’re bound to here in Malaysia. So we’ve had to strip it down to its bare-bones version, sans the usual Breaking Bread music and edits. But still, Kennhyn’s enthusiasm for beer more than makes up for it. Honestly.

(Photo credit: Malaysian Tatler)