Toffee&Tea v3


Hi, and welcome to the third iteration of this blog. Just to recap (on my failures, really) – version 1 saw my first foray into food and blogging, with basic cooking and terrible photos aplenty, v2 was born when I discovered Lightroom and the perfectionist in me just had to start anew, and here we are - v3, which came to be when I switched my hosting site a few weeks ago without backing up my posts, losing them all to the digital void (classic rookie mistake). But I guess this all adds to the erraticism of the blog, which now that I think about it, maybe isn’t such a good thing..?

My last post on the now defunct v2 blog was over 6 months ago, and since then I’ve interned at the Blue Hill at Stone Barns kitchen as a lowly stagiaire (though I did take over the role of chef de partie one weekend!) The internship basically took over my life and left me no time to blog, much less do a little climbing/watch Hamilton/do the 99 other things I planned to do in NYC. It kept me off social media too, which was probably for the better. All in all, it was an intensely enlightening experience, and I’m back from it with a renewed sense of purpose.

I’m now beginning to find my footing in the food world, both in Malaysia and worldwide, and in my hazy two-year plan, this blog is a mainstay (hopefully I won’t have to eat my words). In any case, just to give you an overview of things to happen – expect to see lotsa recipes and experimentation with Asian ingredients in non-Asian dishes. I might also be tempted to try out some classic Malaysian recipes in the coming months (think steamed buns, rendangs and glorious kuihs).

I’m also trying to improve my writing by doing some articles/ramblings on interesting food stories and culture. These might initially be a bit of a rough read, but hopefully with some pointers from you Murakami-to-be’s out there, this little science geek will soon be a much better writer! Kthxbye.